Famèe Furlane di Hamilton

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PO Box 59, 3457 Hendershot Road,
Binbrook, ON L0R 1C0
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Rosi Lenarduzzi-McQueen - President

The Famèe Furlane of Hamilton was founded in 1969 and
incorporated in 1972 by families who emigrated to the
Hamilton area from the Region of Friuli, Italy. Their goal
was to maintain the traditions, culture, and language of the
"Mother Land". Six founding members, Giacinto Belluz,
Bruno Cudin, Amelio Gris, Romano Mauro, Fiore Riga and
Aurelio Zuccolin provided the financing to buy the 40-acre
property, and work for the first of many programs and
structures that followed. Today, the Famèe Furlane of
Hamilton continues with the vision of its founding members
by reaching out to those of Italian origin and to all others
who wish to celebrate our diversity. The Famèe Furlane of
Hamilton has a new focus: offering family-oriented cultural
and social events, and activities that encourage the
participation of future generations.


WEB SITE: www.fameefurlane.ca