Famèe Furlane Oakville Italian Club

The Famèe Furlane Club of Oakville was formed in 1968 as an Italian social club for "Le Tre Venezie" Regions. The idea behind this club was, and still stands true today, to provide a gathering spot where people of Friuli heritage could come together to embrace their culture, continue traditions and connect with others who hold their Friuli roots close.  

The Famèe Furlane Club of Oakville is located in the picturesque park setting of the Fogolar Country Club of Oakville.  With the support of the Fogolar Country Club, the Famèe Furlane Club of Oakville is able to run various luncheons, dinners, cultural events and other special events for families and children throughout the year. 

The Famèe Furlane Club of Oakville Executive Committee strives to keep the Friuli heritage alive for generations to come as noted in the mission statement:

The Famèe Furlane Club of Oakville respects and preserves our unique Italian Heritage.  This is accomplished through making social events enjoyable while ensuring the younger generation in engaged and has fun.  The youth are our members of tomorrow.

We work as a committee respectfully listening to what each of us has to say in order that we can continue to be relevant and ensure the experience in enjoyable for the members, youth and the committee.  

As a committee we strive for a collaborative working relationship. Our committee functions as an excellent working group with a great blend of all ages that have experienced the facility and grounds for many, many years.  Hence the desire to make sure there is a tomorrow for the next generation.

More information about the Famèe Furlane, can be found at: http://www.fogolarscountryclub.com/famee-furlane-club-of-oakville.html  and any membership or event inquiries can be email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Famèe Furlane Exective Committee:
President : Gianni Violin
Vice-President: Angela Temporin
Treasurer : David Saunders
Secretary: Sonia Piatkowski
Corresponding Secretary: Lori Della Bianca
Directors: Maria Ferraro
  Ivana Stangherlin
  Dan Pascolo
  Pietro Spangaro







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Contact Information:

P.O. #76027
1500 Upper Middle Road West
Oakville, ON L6M 3H5
Country Club 905-484-5623