Fogolâr Furlan of London and District

Claudio China
Phone: 519-452-3409

Mailing address:  
18-725 Eagletrace Drive.
London, ON N6G 0J7

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Short Club History:

The idea to form a formal Fogolâr or Famee came from a group of friends sitting around a kitchen table discussing that possibility. They were Licio and Luciana DiValentin, Giovanni and Laura Dinon, Flaviano and Roberta Cordovado and Giovanni and Giuseppina China. A meeting all the Furlan’s in London and surrounding area was called and after the idea was presented to the group, everyone enthusiastically agreed and hence the “The Fogolâr Furlan of London and District” was formed. The club was incorporated on September 7, 1988 at which time it was became a member of the Fogolârs Federation of Canada. The official inauguration of the Fogolar was held on April 15, 1989 with Father GianLucioBorean giving a special blessing. It is continuing to bring the Furlan community together through various events throughout the year.


What our Fogolâr is about:

Our Fogolâr works towards assisting and developing community spirit among Furlâns and also working with the other Italian clubs in London and surrounding area. Our aim is to preserve our Furlan heritage, customs and culture and promote cultural and social activities.