WelcomeThe Fogolârs Federation of Canada is the connecting link between the Fogolârs/ Fameis throught the country. This link, and the ability of being of service to big and small communities, is the main purpose of this national association. The structure of the Federation can be visualized as a pyramid with the Fogolârs/ Fameis on top and the executives of the Federation at the base.

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Important announcement for the next Congresso: Fogolârs 2024 in Windsor.
The Fogolár Federation of Canada is happy to announce that the next Congresso, Fogolárs 2024, will be hosted by the Fogolár Furlan of Windsor during the August 8, 9, 10, 11, 2024. The Federation and the Canadian Fogolárs  thank the Fogolár Furlan of Windsor  for their generous offer.

Fogolârs Federation of Canada Joins ICAP

On April 6, 2018, the Fogolârs Federation of Canada became an institutional member of the Italian-Canadian Archives Project (ICAP). This is an important, significant step, which will strengthen and add to the Italian-Canadian narrative and help to preserve the Friulian record in Canada.   

 ICAP is working to develop and promote a national strategy to collect and preserve historical items that capture the Italian-Canadian experience. ICAP wants to facilitate and encourage individuals, families, societies and institutions that have materials in their possession to preserve these documents. They are part of our Canadian historical fabric.

 ICAP is the only organization of its kind with an academic focus.  More information can be found at https://icap.ca.




Buona Festa della Patria

Incuintri al doman - il video che al celebre la Fieste de Patrie dal Friûl Lis ripresis dal alt de Patrie furlane, compagnadis di une musiche di grande emozion, par ricuardâ il 3 di Avrîl. Un dron, che o podaressin imagjinâ tant che une acuile in svol, al racuei lis imagjins dal Friûl che a compagnin lis notis di "Incuintri al doman", l'imni dal Friûl eseguît des cjantantis furlanis Consuelo Avoledo, Michela Franceschina, Jessica Interdonato e Giulia Polidori di ArteVoce Ensemble.

Per guardare il video potete cliccare sull'immagine qui sotto: